(✿◕‿◕) M e | | (◕‿◕。)–Just letting the realtionship goes along the way it is, it doesn’t mean that im hurting, sad or scared.. its just that im getting to know you more cos I LOVE YOU lots.

1) ASK FOR A DATE: U should wait until the time is relaxed when asking someone out. Never make move in a tense enviroment. Everything should not flow smoothly

 2) ASK FOR A DATE: Just do it. Say – Sorry if im interrupting & I know this not exactly a private moment, but Ina, i was wondering if u like to go out sometime(example)

3) ASK FOR A DATE: Figure out when she be alone. Having knowing one class she takes or where she works – is normal  possibly cute. Under the guise,ask her out.

4) ASK FOR A DATE: Do u know her friends to ask her for a favor? If so, go ahead & ask her friend finding a way to help get the two of u alone for a moment.

5) ASK FOR A DATE: Separate her from the herd. Say – Hey, Ina, can I talk to u for a second? Then, with a smile – So would u like to go for movies sometime this week?(example)


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