for guy/girl chasing girl/boy=P

(✿◕‿◕) M e | | (◕‿◕。)–Just letting the realationship goes along the way it is, it doesn’t mean that im hurting, sad or scared.. its just that im getting to know you more cos I LOVE YOU lots.

1) FLIRT WOMAN: Getting closer to her. If she asks, keep ur answers informative but brief. Women love men who can be transparent about their emotions & feelings.

2) FLIRT WOMAN: If she keen on you, ask for her number or a date. If u think she not, get acquainted with her a little more, before broaching the topic again.

3) FLIRT MAN: Give him a chance to make some moves of his own. Men like to do some of the pursuing. Lead him on & give him a gentle nudge in the right direction.

4) FLIRT MAN: If u have begun talking to a guy,try find out more about him. U need to know that u can trust him not to push for more than you’re willing to give.

5) FLIRT MAN: Ensure u are available. Try at least minimize the distance between urself & any man so that he not feel too inhibited about making his way over.


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