Sorry cos didnt update my blog for long time xD

(✿◕‿◕) M e | | (◕‿◕。)–Just letting the realationship goes along the way it is, it doesn’t mean that im hurting, sad or scared.. its just that im getting to know you more cos I LOVE YOU lots.

1) ASK DATING NO.1 – Make yourself fun to be with. Asking a woman out isnt committing to marriage. It’s just a way of spending fun time together. Think positive.

2) ASK DATING NO.2 – Don’t use-Do u want to go out with me? Instead say-Maybe we could meet for a drink sometime?It’s more casual & u’re not begging her a favour.

3) ASK DATING NO.3 – Don’t pop the question out of nowhere. The insteresting conversation should naturally lead into asking someone out. U can say –  Oh, by the way….

4) ASK DATING NO.4 – Ideally select a time when u are face to face. This way, u will be able to read her signals/someone out by email/sms.

5) ASK DATING NO.5 – Approach her with a cheerful greeting. Make it clear that u are pleased to see her. Be amusing,woman always go for men that make them laugh.

6) ASK DATING NO.6 – Look into her eyes! If she returns ur gaze it’s going well. If she acoids, she not into u. Positive signs: fiddling hair/making physical contact.

7) ASK DATING NO.7 – Once the conversation is flowing hit her with the line. Say – Maybe we could go for a drink sometime?

8) ASK DATING NO.8 – If she says YES. Be ready to back up your line with a suggestion, be it doing an activity together. Confirming a time & exchanging numbers.

9) ASK DATING NO.9 – If she says NO. No harm done, carry on the conversation. Don’t take it personally. U never know, ur confidence may make her regret her decision.

10 ASK DATING N0.10 – She not want to hurt ur feelings with rejection. Carry on conversation & give her ur number. If she changes mind she will know how to reach u.

11 ASK DATING NO.12 – Be proud of urself. If she said no, u probably just not her type. Always better to give it a shot & be rejected than spend ur life wondering.


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